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New Google Calculator.

Posted: July 26, 2012 in News
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Many of us use the Google search bar for uses far beyond the usual search for Web pages – for weather information, stock quotes, time in a particular city, sports scores, unit conversion, quick calculations and more. Google has now added a 34-button visual tool to simplify our use of the search engine as a handy calculation tool.

To fire up Google’s new 34-button virtual calculator with scientific functions, type ‘calculator’ into the search box. This new Google feature is available across most browsers (both web and mobile).

The virtual Google calculator will also appear if we type in a calculation – say ’13*6′ – into the search box and can also be used for more complex calculation needs such as ’25*39+(sqrt 10)^3′.

Google adds a 34-button virtual scientific calculator to search

Google’s calculator function is nothing new, but the new 34-button virtual scientific calculator is.

Google keeps on adding new features to its search. An important recent addition to Google’s search includes Knowledge Graph that instantly displays information that is relevant to a search query.

As the scope of Google search stretches wide, Google has introduced Power Searching with Google, a free, online, community-based course that showcases Google’s search techniques and teaches users to solve everyday problems via Google search.

Yes, its here. Its meaner, stronger, faster.
Introducing the all new Android 4.0 also known as Ice-cream Sandwich. The new release from Google Android sources provides us information with this new awesome Android 4.0 OS for Mobile smartphones. This has been implemented on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Phone has some mind blowing features and with the latest Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich helps the phone make the best use of it.

samsung galaxy nexus new Ice cream Sandwich: Introducing the all new Android 4.0


Google Chrome is the other and the second largest and widely used web browsers in the Internet world. Users communicate through various other sources and build connections using this simple web browsers. But how do you make a right choice of choosing a great browser? The answer lies with the development and its extensions and addons.

google chrome full hd Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension


There is no denying the fact that Google today has become a behemoth and it definitely can pride itself of being the company with maximum reach into the personal life and details of people in the world. While Google claims to use this huge fund of data to better serve the customer, it has raised concerns of Google constructing a massive dossier on each of its users which it can use for targeted marketing and selling. The concerns have turned into fears after Google made a sweeping change of consolidating almost all their privacy policies under a single dossier. In a move to assuage the fears, Google has arrived with Google Takeout.

google takeout 1 Google Takeout: what does that mean, anyway?


In recent times we have seen the long run among companies battling for cloud storage. Google too comes up with its Google drive cloud storage sharing service, similar to may other cloud storage services like Apple‘s iCloud, Dropbox, and many others. Google drive cloud storage is a new and emerging Google product. This much anticipated Google drive cloud storage is going to be released in upcoming week. The Google cloud storage was supposed to be released earlier that its rivals, but due to technical difficulties, its will be launching in coming week as reported by TNW – Google Drive Cloud Storage. The long story – short, the 5GB free space will be launching at


Android in the one of the widely accepted OS in devices(phones,Tabs etc) these days because of its largely managed apps and control it give to its users.Where is honey so bears are there……


Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

In This session, you wll come to know methods and softwares which will help you to make your bootable USB flash drive.

included : download links, screen shots, tutorial


GO Launcher EX IconGO Launcher EXAndroid has been liked by many partly for its open and customization nature. Even right from the Android home screens, you can run a free app to make changes to your liking and extend their features.

GO Launcher EX, the extended version of GO Launcher, is one of such apps and that is widely used for replacement of your home screens to launch your apps.

With this app installed, you can increase the number of home screens as many as you need. You can pinch a home screen to get a preview of all your home screens. From the preview, you can add or remove any home screens, re-order them, tap a home icon to set it as the default home screen, or quickly jump to a home screen by tapping its thumbnail.

At the bottom or by the side of a home screen, you can increase the docked icons up to 15.

Tap the docked app drawer, you can see your recent running apps, close all running programs with one touch, and quite similar to the way you do with Apple’s iOS, you can touch and hold an app icon in the list of all apps, then press the ‘x’ sign to uninstall an app, or drag an app icon over the other to place them in a folder.

These are just a small part of the many features that come with this superb app.

Give it a spin to find out more user settings and many goodies including themes and widgets exclusively designed for this app launcher.

Size: 4.4 MB

Now you can know what is your ip address from google search itself. Google launched this service recently.

In order to display your IP address, Just search in google asMy ipor simplyip
Also other similar google search such as “what is my ip “ results in your IP address

This search will display your IP address.