How To : Root Android [A Beginner’s Guide]

Posted: April 26, 2012 in hacks, tech, tricks
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Android in the one of the widely accepted OS in devices(phones,Tabs etc) these days because of its largely managed apps and control it give to its users.Where is honey so bears are there……

I mean because of its popularity it is one of the hotspot for attacker these days.So,I thought of sharing few security tips with my readers,for that the apps we need to work with will be functional on certain criteria that is we need to have root access on the device.Before going into the security part of it I would like to give my readers a basic idea about rooting.

What is Rooting in Android?

“Root” as you all may be knowing is related to Linux and it is analogous to administrator in Windows.So rooting an Android device means we get the full access and freedom on the functionality of the device,in windows language we can say we have the admininstrative previlage.So,the process by which we get the root access/previlage is called “Rooting”.

Why we need Rooting?

1. Full access and control over the device.(Superuser access)

2. Make your device fast to your wish.

3. Add more apps of your choice.(Will be covered in the next Post)

4. Use the OS version of your choice.


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