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Google Chrome is the other and the second largest and widely used web browsers in the Internet world. Users communicate through various other sources and build connections using this simple web browsers. But how do you make a right choice of choosing a great browser? The answer lies with the development and its extensions and addons.

google chrome full hd Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension


Cloud hosting, the future is here. Cloud hosting is the latest and most advanced form of hosting which is currently surpassing various other hosting services like shared hosting, virtual private shared hosting, dedicated server hosting. In the recent years, cloud hosting has become immensely popular due to the reason that big companies like apple and google are hosting already started hosting their apps and games on the cloud. One such great example is Google Play. And another such example is apple’s iCloud storage for iTunes. Although these are currently not cost effective, but soon it will be. Cloud hosting is derived from its predecessor cloud storage. A new concept of cloud storage evolved in early 90′s. But they couldn’t just launch this cloud system, due to security flaws and issues. But due to latest changing trends and algorithms, cloud storage has been securely monitored and cloud hosting is made possible.

Cloud Storage 1024x819 What, Why, How Cloud Hosting and its Merits?


Leet, the language of the Geeks and Hackers.

To speak leet, you more or less need to un-learn proper english. The history of leet goes back to the early days of online message boards, or forums, where users can post messages to carry on a threaded conversation. In an attempt to “Clean-Up” the language that users would sometimes post, admins added a filtering system to the message board which would replace restricted words with some type of alternative.


Are You a Linux User?

Though Linux is an incredibly Fast and stable Operating system, Windows is proffered for its programs and software.

Wine makes it possible to run Windows programs alongside any Unix-like operating system, particularly Linux.



Have you accidentally deleted your files from the Hard disk? Do you desperately want to recover them back? Well, you need not panic!

It is possible to recover the deleted files back from the hard disk  (even after you have Shift+Deleted)  provided you act as soon as you realize that the files are deleted and use the best deleted files recovery software.

In this post you will find a detailed information on how to recover the deleted files from your Windows PC or Mac.


Phishing is a form of social engineering technique used by hackers to gather sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by posing as a trustworty person/organization. Since most online users are unaware of the techniques used in carrying out a phishing attack, they often fall victims and hence, phishing can be very effective.

With the dramatic increase in the number of phishing scams in the recent years, there has also been a steady rise in the number of people being victimized. Lack of awareness among the people is the prime reason behind such attacks. This article will try to create awareness and educate the users about such online scams and frauds.


GO Launcher EX IconGO Launcher EXAndroid has been liked by many partly for its open and customization nature. Even right from the Android home screens, you can run a free app to make changes to your liking and extend their features.

GO Launcher EX, the extended version of GO Launcher, is one of such apps and that is widely used for replacement of your home screens to launch your apps.

With this app installed, you can increase the number of home screens as many as you need. You can pinch a home screen to get a preview of all your home screens. From the preview, you can add or remove any home screens, re-order them, tap a home icon to set it as the default home screen, or quickly jump to a home screen by tapping its thumbnail.

At the bottom or by the side of a home screen, you can increase the docked icons up to 15.

Tap the docked app drawer, you can see your recent running apps, close all running programs with one touch, and quite similar to the way you do with Apple’s iOS, you can touch and hold an app icon in the list of all apps, then press the ‘x’ sign to uninstall an app, or drag an app icon over the other to place them in a folder.

These are just a small part of the many features that come with this superb app.

Give it a spin to find out more user settings and many goodies including themes and widgets exclusively designed for this app launcher.

Size: 4.4 MB

Now you can know what is your ip address from google search itself. Google launched this service recently.

In order to display your IP address, Just search in google asMy ipor simplyip
Also other similar google search such as “what is my ip “ results in your IP address

This search will display your IP address.

Today most people use the torrent and the most has the same problem, how to speed up Torrent . The best solution is find torrent file with a lot of seeds and leechs, but it isn´t always easy. In this tutorial we will see tips and hacks in addition to the speed up your µTorrent.How torrent works? Simple say,all “give” and all “take”.You can more take(download) and less give(upload),or hack TCP Connections in XP , or add public trackers and etc. Follow steps below and speed up your µTorrent. Steps 1,2 and 5 are only for Windows XP


Actually there are more than hundreds of  site which give there user 100 % free keygen ,serial ,patch or full software But many them only and only give virus  and lots site are useless ,  have small database and site have very confusing user interface ,But Some Sites are very friendly user interface & daily  updated with good database