Virtual Graphic Card | Play Latest Games Even With Old Graphic Cards

Posted: April 15, 2012 in offlines
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Do you want to play games in your PC without graphic card? Then here is a better choice with which you can play games which require graphic card. Yes, you have a solution for it. 3-D analyzer. With 3D analyzer, you can play games which require more graphical memory than your system has. Its very simple to use. Select a game which you want to play. Edit some of the texture setting, edit visual settings and save that as a batch file, click “Save batch file!”. Now, if you want to play that game, just click on the newly created batch file. Now you can play games which require Graphic Card without actually having a graphic card.



What it does is,it uses a part of your RAM as Graphics card memory. For example,if you got 1GB DDR2 RAM,then it’ll use 128MB of it as a Virtual Graphics card,and the remaining 896MB will be used as a regular RAM.

Download Link :

After downloading the software,first install it.

You’ll see something like this:














select the exe file of your game, select driver id and vendor id ( you can get it online, search these for your desired graphic card )

change the settings as desired, and run.

Download Link :

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