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Cloud hosting, the future is here. Cloud hosting is the latest and most advanced form of hosting which is currently surpassing various other hosting services like shared hosting, virtual private shared hosting, dedicated server hosting. In the recent years, cloud hosting has become immensely popular due to the reason that big companies like apple and google are hosting already started hosting their apps and games on the cloud. One such great example is Google Play. And another such example is apple’s iCloud storage for iTunes. Although these are currently not cost effective, but soon it will be. Cloud hosting is derived from its predecessor cloud storage. A new concept of cloud storage evolved in early 90′s. But they couldn’t just launch this cloud system, due to security flaws and issues. But due to latest changing trends and algorithms, cloud storage has been securely monitored and cloud hosting is made possible.

Cloud Storage 1024x819 What, Why, How Cloud Hosting and its Merits?