Facebook Ads – Tips to be Taken Care Before Placing

Posted: July 1, 2012 in tech
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Facebook and the content over this social media platform are really selling these days like a hotcake. You can see these ads yielding more and more amount of recognition with every passing day. Facebook has now moved beyond its tag of social networking website to an effective communication platform. Therefore it has become difficult for the entrepreneurs to ignore Facebook to exploit it for their marketing strategies. Facebook can help you in expanding your customer base along with improving your visibility and thus shaping your bottom line. Facebook ads give the entrepreneurs the opportunity to communicate with their prospective clients and promote their products or services. The below is the list of some vital tips which you need to take care while placing your Facebook ads.

facebook ads2 Facebook Ads   Tips to be Taken Care Before Placing

Be clear in your message and design

The business page you create over Facebook is not meant to socialize but it’s for the purpose of marketing. Most of the online marketers commit a simple mistake of building a page for their brands which appear just like an ordinary social page. In order to expedite advertising, the design is required to move around your business and what it offers. Hence you are supposed to strictly discourage irrelevant images in your photo album and vague posts. Also, your contact information, discount offers, coupons should be kept open and not hiding somewhere from your target audience.

Include call for action element

All your marketing efforts would go for a waste if you do not put some strong call for action element in your Facebook ads. Generally the novices treading this path end up committing this mistake of not including any call to action in their Facebook ads. Your target group coming over your ads would generally expect the next step after reading the ad content rather than inventing their own action step after reading the advertisement. So, it is often recommended to use strong phrase like ‘click here to buy’ or some other similar content with these lines can prove beneficial. The visitors coming to your ads or page should be directed to a specific task which you expect from them to do.

Giving rewards to your visitors

Any effective fan page generally comprises of some lucrative kind of coupon placed over the center of the page or some tempting offer given by the business owner. People coming to your page should easily be able to see this offer. The visitors coming at your place should be given tempting reasons to come to your place rather than simply directing to act. By offering different discounts, special offers, special membership, discount codes and such offers, you can simply end up persuading people coming over your fan page. Also, there should be certain apps which can help your visitors to click the like button over your page and then get the benefits given in different offers. During this process, if you are able to confine other details about your visitors, it will certainly help your business to plan things for your targeted demography.

Use competent images

Good images attract people more than plain words; this is quite true for the internet users. So while creating a fan page for your marketing it is important to include good images rather using some plain content. The visitors coming at your fan page should be able to see an attractive picture; hence you need to add one at the profile page over the left and one big size picture at the front or center. These pictures at the center could be of your various offers or incentives which you offer your visitors. Putting an image in the form of call of action element can also work wonder for you since many of your visitors would mind scrolling down.

facebook ads funnel Facebook Ads   Tips to be Taken Care Before Placing

Put multiple ads

Facebook gives you an opportunity to design a number of rotating ads over the website. It is therefore important to benefit from this opportunity and try different ads on frequent basis. This will also help you in citing out the most effective ad for your marketing. You are supposed to use different content supplementing by proper images and thus find out which one proves out the best as per your interest. You can use different advertising tactics in order to target your prospective customers and at the same time put efforts to build a competent customer database. By including multiple ads over your Facebook business fan page, you can break the monotony and keep the users interest alive.

By using different marketing advertising tools wisely and effectively, you can make your Facebook ad campaign successful. Adopting the above discussed tips and tricks can certainly give you the desired results. You simply have to put your efforts with consistency.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on gizmo watch that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in her research work for ecofriend.

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