3 Proven Facts to Increase Twitter Followers & Get more Retweets

Posted: July 1, 2012 in tricks
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Great, This is something really amazing that I found out in previous 3weeks. We as bloggers know that twitter is a great micro-blogging site. And its a great platform a share your content in a concise way to be specific 140 characters or less. But twitter is useless unless you have followers. Then comes the need to increase twitter followers. To increase twitter followers you need to work hard initially. So, increasing twitter followers depends on the position you are working on, like if you are a blogger or celeb, or seller, or just ordinary person; there are various ways and strategies to increase twitter followers. These are the best 3 proven facts that help you fetch more twitter followers.

  1. Tweet Regularly:

    I’ve seen many users who just create a twitter account and follow some friends or suggested followers, but are inactive most of the time. You need to tweet regularly which is a fundamental function of every user. And yes, regularly. If not hourly, then daily it is. The twitter claims that every minute there is at least 600,000 tweets happening around the world. So, why not you too join the league.
    Some good ways to help you achieve this is by: Get a smartphone and install twitter app, keep updating your daily gigs. Another way is to schedule your tweets what you should do and publish it as your tweet. We strongly recommend using the app on any smart device and tweet to your followers. Unless you tweet regularly, followers would just bounce your profile and will no longer follow you.

  2. Reply to Mentions & Use # Tags:

    When ever you tweet make it a habit to use hash tag. Now what is this hash tag? Its a search tag where people can search that particular keyword and follow it and see the latest tweets based on that hash tag. If the visitor feels that your tweets are capable of following then, they will follow you. And also, make sure that you reply to all the mentions that you receive. Now there are many automated tools which help you increase twitter followers and retweets. But getting genuine followers is difficult, most of the followers you would receive will be bots or fake followers. These are just non-human users, which are worthless. But sometimes, if you achieve good amount of followers then its possible that looking at the figures, real human followers might follow you. We also strongly recommend Tweepi.com, a nice site which helps you increase twitter followers.

  3. Use #ShoutOut #ff #teamfollowback Tag:

    Another cool way to increase twitter followers is by using a #shoutout to your followers, and non-followers. Search for new followers who are compelled to follow you back. Or you could also use #follow or #teamfollowback these are some ever popular tags which help you increase followers.

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