How To Speed Up µTorrent

Posted: April 8, 2012 in hacks, onlines
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Today most people use the torrent and the most has the same problem, how to speed up Torrent . The best solution is find torrent file with a lot of seeds and leechs, but it isn´t always easy. In this tutorial we will see tips and hacks in addition to the speed up your µTorrent.How torrent works? Simple say,all “give” and all “take”.You can more take(download) and less give(upload),or hack TCP Connections in XP , or add public trackers and etc. Follow steps below and speed up your µTorrent. Steps 1,2 and 5 are only for Windows XP

1.Open port through Windows Firewall. Go to Control Panel, then Windows Firewall , select tabExceptions and click Add Port

windows firewall

Chose port between 50000 – 65000, select TCP, write name like µTorrent and click OK

open port on windows firewall

2. In this step we will change µTorrent Preferances, Connection. Open µTorrent and go toOptions->Preferances or press Ctrl+P


In Preferences window chose Connection tab and add port, which is defined in step 1, in my case it´s 60010. Others parameters choose as shown below. Click Apply

3.In this step we´ll change maximun upload and download rate. First, you need to know yourupload and download speed. If you don´t know, go to this site and test your speed. My speed testlooks like this

Choose Bandwidth tab, calculate the optimal settings for your connection, maximun upload rate with this formula upload speed*0,8/8 and add that speed. Also calculate maximun download speed and add. Formula is download speed *0,95/8 . I have speed 4110/750 kB/s. I have added download rate 498 and upload rate 75.Other parameters set like this:
Global Maximum Number of Connections: 600
Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent:upload speed * 1.3/8
Number of upload slots per torrent:1 + (upload speed / 6*8)
Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%:Checked

4.Go to Options->Preferences->BitTorrent 
Protocol encryption: Outgoing:Enabled
Allow incoming Legacy Connections: Checked


5. Windows XP/SP2 has problem with TCP connections, they are limited to a maximum of 10. This isn´t good for your download speed. How to fix this? Just download patch and install. Set the limit between 50 and 100.Installation looks like this

When Windows File Protection click Cancel

6. Go to Options- > Preferences- > Advanced options -> net.max_halfopen and set value between 50-100

7.This is very useful when a torrent stops near the end, also increase download speed. Copy and paste this list of public trackers into your torrent’s tracker list.

Right click on weak torrent, select Properties

Paste trackers into your torrent’s tracker list

Click OK.

NOTE: Do not attempt this trick with private torrents, it’ll only get you banned from the tracker. .All work at your own risk

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